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    Firm led by Architect SHWETA BHASIN

    Shweta Bhasin completed her Bachelors in Architecture from LAD College, Batch of 1998. Before starting with her own practice she got an exposure to various styles and types of work. She has a first-hand experience on handling various scale projects like commercial, residential, institutional and urban scale projects. Years of learning and experience have been the foundation stone towards the formation of Design Forum.

    "DESIGN FORUM" provides a platform to wherein young designers interact to emerge with new ideas and create design edifice for their respective clients. It is a studio where we research, experiment and clarify before application of thoughts and perspectives. Every project is a new opportunity to learn and no two projects can be treated in same manner.



    At Design Forum we turn your dreams in to reality and dare to dream with you. guiding you through you whole project in a step by step manner through our systematic, interaction & team work of our Qualified team of professionals who are capable of executing all that we desire and to set before us within the stipulated time frame with the help of our efficient project management system, our dream project.

  • Services list

    Whether you are building an extension, designing a new home, or are improving the energy efficiency of your house. Architects have a broad skills palette and provide a wide range of services. We at Design forum along with you will identify the services to be provided.

    Method of Working

    About services

    Type (A)

    (1) Consultancy service for design and development of projects.

    • (a) Architectural design
    • (b) Interior design
    • (c) Structure design in co-ordination with our structural engineer.

    (2) Site work execution as/design development under supervision of our team.

    Type (B)

    Only consultancy service.We provide detail drawings on e-mail or by post depending upon the client requirement and the requirement of the project.

    Type C

    Turnkey Projects:- All design development execution and purchase is done by us and we hand over the project within stipulated time period as per approved designs.

    Type (D)

    we also provide consultancy service in various fields.

    • Residential - All types of bungalows from 100 sq yd to 2000 sq yd or more
    • Farm houses. We provide all drawing detail specifications and co-ordinate with respective vendors.
    • Commercial
      • Design of mall
      • Banquet halls
      • Hotels ranging from budget
      • hotels ranging from budget, boutique to high end projects
    • Auditorium drawings
    • Cinema halls & multiplexes.



    During the first phase—schematic design—an architect consults with the owner to determine

    Project goals and requirements. Often this determines the program for the project. The program, or architectural program, is the term used to define the required functions of the project. It should include estimated square footage of each usage type and any other elements that achieve the project goals. During schematic design, an architect commonly develops study drawings, documents, or other media that illustrate the concepts of the design and include spatial relationships, scale, and form for the owner to review. Schematic design also is the research phase of the project, when zoning requirements or jurisdictional restrictions are discovered and addressed. This phase produces a final schematic design, to which the owner agrees after consultation and discussions with the architect. Costs are estimated based on overall project volume. The design then moves forward to the design development phase.

    Deliverables: Schematic design often produces a site plan, floor plan(s), sections, an elevation, and other illustrative materials; computer images, renderings, or models. Typically the drawings Include overall dimensions, and a construction cost Is estimated. Note: The contract may actually spell out what is to be delivered.


    Design development (DD) services use the initial design documents from the schematic phase and take them one step further. This phase lays out mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details. Typically referred to as DD, this phase results in drawings that often specify design elements such as material types and location of windows and doors. The level of detail provided in the DD phase is determined by the owner’s request and the project requirements. The DD phase often ends with a formal presentation to, and approval by, the owner.

    Deliverable: Design development often produces floor plans, sections, and elevations with full dimensions. These drawings typically include door and window details and outline material Specifications.


    The next phase is construction documents (CDs). Once the owner and architect are satisfied with the documents produced during DD, the architect moves forward and produces drawings with greater detail. These drawings typically include specifications for construction details and materials. Once CDs are satisfactorily produced, the architect sends them to contractors for pricing or bidding, if part of the contract. The level of detail in CDs may vary depending on the owner’s preference. If the CD set is not 100-percent complete, this is noted on the CD set when it is sent out for bid. This phase results in the contractors’ final estimate of project costs.

    “Qualifications-Based vs. Low-Bid Contractor Selection.”

    Deliverables: The construction document phase produces a set of drawings that include all pertinent information required for the contractor to price and build the project.


    The first step of this phase is preparation of the bid documents to go out to potential contractors for pricing. The bid document set often includes an advertisement for bids, instructions to bidders, the bid form, bid documents, the owner-contractor agreement, labour and material payment bond, and any other sections necessary for successful price bids. For some projects that have unique aspects or complex requirements, the architect and owner elect to have a prebid meeting for potential contractors. After bid sets are distributed, both the owner and architect wait for bids to come in. The owner, with the help of the architect, evaluates the bids and selects a winning bid. Any negotiation with the bidder of price or project scope, if necessary, should be done before the contract for construction is signed. The final step is to award the contract to the selected bidder with a formal letter of intent to allow construction to begin.

    Deliverables: The final deliverable is a construction contract. Once this document is signed, project construction can begin.


    Contract administration (CA) services are rendered at the owner’s discretion and are outlined in the owner-architect construction agreement. Different owner-architect-contractor agreements require different levels of services on the architect’s part. CA services begin with the initial contract for construction and terminate when the final certificate of payment is issued. The architect’s core responsibility during this phase is to help the contractor to build the project as specified in the CDs as approved by the owner. Questions may arise on site that require the architect to develop architectural sketches: drawings issued after construction documents have been released that offer additional clarification to finish the project properly. Different situations may require the architect to issue a Change in Services to complete the project.

    Deliverables: A successfully built and contracted project. forthcoming 14th editions of The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice.

    Key Terms

    • Design
    • Preliminary design
    • Schematic design
    • Design development
    • Construction documents
    • Bidding or negotiation
    • Construction contract administration
  • Project 1
    design4m clients
    our clients

    200 Sqyd (33'6"x64')

    Salient Feature

    1. House Planned for a small family of five persons.

    2. Small open spaces at all levels intermingle to create a pleasing effect.

    3. Second floor is made like a studio apartment with a two bedrooms, living area and a small kitchen etc.

    Material Pallete

    1. Kotha stone with pink sandstone placed out in herringbone fashion in the drive way.

    2. Deck flooring from Ipe.

    3. IMXIM tiles from R.A.K.

    4. Use of black Kaddaphia.

    * Brown Emperador.

    * Blue pearl granite.

    5. Matt finish tiles from graffiti along with wooden flooring in bedrooms.

    6. Paint - Asian Royale.

    *Stone finish tiles from Nitco.

    * Modular Kitchen from Jindal in S/S.

    7. S/S grill in windows.

    *Veneer "chen chen" on doors from green.

    *Lacquered glass from saint Gobin.

  • Project 2
    Design Forum Clients
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    Best architects in Delhi

    200 Sqyd (30'x60')

    Salient Feature

    1. Strong planning the beauty lies in the feel of large spaces as you enter this bunglow. Well defined spaces with ample of natural light and air is key factor that governs the interior of each area.

    2. Beautiful false ceiling and flooring designs, peach american granite the four bedrooms house has all attached. Washrooms and a small separate powder room.

    3. The second floor has a 'Babaji's room along with a spacious and large terrace area.

    4. The servant and utility area is tucked behind the mumty on the terrace floor.

    5. Use of simple and easily available material gives an added splendour to this petite bunglow.

    Material Pallete

    1. White Rover

    * Italian stone - Bottochino Fretto (for flooring)

    - Lafante

    2. Washroom tiles - Graffitte - Harmony

    3. Granite imported pink granite lighting from phillips.

    4. Paints asian Royale.

    5. Modular Kitchen in S/S from jindal.

  • residential (200 sq.yd.)

    Projects design
    Design Forum project
  • residential (200 sq.yd.)

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  • residential (1000 sq.yd.)

    Project 1
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  • Renovation and Refurbishing

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  • Small Flats
  • residential (500 sq.yd.)
    7 ACRE

    Salient Feature

    (1) Contoured site with several meters of depths in land topography.

    (2) Main school building is an imposing structure designed for a capacity of 2500 students. The building is design as four separate blocks with two large courtyards; a big central assembly space and the admin block right at the entrance.

    (3) The entrance plaza is at different levels outlined with neat planters and shrubs.

    (4) Well designed road network inside the campus for easy movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

    (5) The entire landmass is designed to incorporate greens - softscape and hardscape which form the integral part of building architecture.

    (6) A performing art zone with and open air theatre (amphitheatre)

    Canteen Area.

    A separate block of services sports complex.

    Swimming pool area.

    A large field behind the main building.

    Material Pallete

    (1) Use of minimalistic approach gives this massive school an elegant feel.

    (2) Kotah stone in all passages and classrooms.

    (3) Yellow jaiselmer is used as a highlighter.

    (4) M/S windows and grills.

    (5) Painted flush doors.

    (6) Tiles from morvi (Gujrat)

    2 ACRE

    Salient Feature

    (1) Fully Airconditioned School

    (2) All the amenities for a high end school packed within optimum space yet the classrooms are large and airy. Circulation spaces spatial planning to integrate large courtyard for light and wind.

    (3) The large football field at the beginning of the school is the highlight.

    (4) A kindergarten block at one side with separate entry and yet connected to the main building indoor sports complex with an indoor pool and tennis court at the roof top, state of the art auditorium are the amazing features that was the vision of the school owner and has been neatly incorporated by the designer.

    (5) Not only the planning but the exterior stands majestic on looking the lush green as a proud Roman - edifice of architecture style and statement.

    Material Pallete

    (1) Pink sandstone for exterior cladding.

    (2) UPVC windows from FENESTA.

    (3) Flooring in grey granite, Red granite and solid vibrant colour tiles from GRAFFITI.

    (4) Grid ceiling from ARMSTRONG.

    (5) Lighting design by HAVELLES.

    (6) Sanitary ware by HINDWARE.

    (7) C.P. fitting from JAQUAR.

    (8) Furniture by MOBEL STUDIO.

    (9) Play equipment by ARIHANT.



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