Residential – Project 1

200 Sqyd (33’6″x64′)
Salient Feature
1. House Planned for a small family of five persons.
2. Small open spaces at all levels intermingle to create a pleasing effect.
3. Second floor is made like a studio apartment with a two bedrooms, living area and a small kitchen etc.
Material Pallete
1. Kotha stone with pink sandstone placed out in herringbone fashion in the drive way.
2. Deck flooring from Ipe.
3. IMXIM tiles from R.A.K.
4. Use of black Kaddaphia.

* Brown Emperador.

* Blue pearl granite.

5. Matt finish tiles from graffiti along with wooden flooring in bedrooms.
6. Paint – Asian Royale.

*Stone finish tiles from Nitco.

* Modular Kitchen from Jindal in S/S.

7. S/S grill in windows.

*Veneer “chen chen” on doors from green.

*Lacquered glass from saint Gobin.