Interior Services – Recreational


Are you curious what the exterior of your home could look like with a little or a total redesign? Adding a porch or covered entry, changing the shape of your roof, or just a material change can drastically change the appearance of your home and add to it’s curb appeal. Contact Design Forum and have us prepare an exterior sketch of your home. You will be amazed at the transformation your home will have. Later, you can use the sketch to work with contractors to remodel your home or as a selling feature for a prospective buyer.


Today’s remodeling market is very competitive and it helps to have a designer who can help you get that next remodeling job. If you have a client who needs a sketch of a redesigned façade or a floor plan change to get them to the contract stage, Design Forum can help. We work with many builders who just need that little enticement to get to the next step. We can also follow it up with working drawings so you can get it built. Give us a call and let us help you with your next projects


Agents, do you have that great house with a lot of potential that no one can see? If prospective buyers could just see sketches of an elevation or floor plan change that might be all that it takes to get them to make an offer. It’s been our experience at RDS that many prospective buyers don’t have the vision to see a properties potential. Let us work with you to create the drawings it is going to take to create a vision for what the home could be for either a homebuyer or real estate investor. We know how to work within budgets to give your property the most bang for your buck.

At recreational we provide full design services for indoor sports, auditorium, Learning center, Clubs, Theater, Yoga & Meditation center
We are committed provide quality of draftsmanship, excellent products selection & customer satisfaction all at comparative prices. We have resources & expertise to offer fully integrated design with your ideas of design.